Making Goat Soap for a Purpose

A life full of stress and chaos is a recipe for disaster without the addition of self care and creativity. One of the worst things you can do is just sit in the stress, worry and constant ups and downs. The great thing is that you have a choice. This is something I recognized. I could sit here stressed over all the burdens we are facing, worrying around the clock about  Mason and feeling helpless. When there is a problem, a solution can always be found. It may not be a fix all solution but enough to ease things for the moment. So I tried my hand at making Goat Milk soap and let me tell you, this is not only fun, but it gives my brain a whole new focus. It gives me a mental break. My creative wheel starts turning and the possibilities are endless. This is how my perspective has changed over time. I ask myself these following questions:

What am I stressed about?
What do I have control over?
What do I not have control over?
What is something productive I can do to resolve some of the problem? 

What do I need?
What I need is a distraction from the whirlwind of thoughts. I also need to find a way to help compensate for the financial loss we are enduring while our son's medical needs are more than we can manage financially. I always try to make my skills and passions serve as a purpose for the multiple needs. I felt so compelled to try something new. Change is not always a bad thing and when the change you are constantly experiencing are bad changes, it's a great idea to change this up- GAIN CONTROL over something and enjoy it! 

So I made soap!

I am certainly not a soap making guru- yet, but my hat goes off to the many out there that inspired me and guided me. You can see there beautiful product on my Pinterest  on the board Blogs I Recommend.

Learn How I Made Melt & Pour Oat and Honey Goats Milk


2.5lbs Melt & Pour Goats Milk Soap (Like this kind)
Soap Mold I prefer Silicone (Like this kind)
Double Boiler Pourable Pot (you can look up microwave instructions for large microwave safe container) (Like this kind)
Additives of your choice  (For this I used approx. 2 cups oats and 4 Tablespoons Honey)
Wooden stick or Spoon for stirring - never to be used for food again
Soap loaf cutters straight and/or wavy (included with suggested mold link above)
Safe cutting surface

Get all your supplies together. Using a sturdy knife cut up your wax into small 1 inch or smaller chunks. The smaller the pieces the less time it will take to melt. Dump all the pieces into the pourable pot and melt using the double boiler method. Stir periodically, too much will cause bubbles. Once completely melted, stir in most of the oats, reserving a small handful to sprinkle on top. Stir and pour mixture into mold. pour the honey in and swirl around. Tap sides of mold to release bubbles. Final step, which I have not implemented yet as I keep forgetting, mist the top with rubbing alcohol to prevent bubbles.                                               
 So far that isn't a huge issue for me but I will try it on my next batch. Now let your mold cool for at least 6 hours in a cool dry area. Preferably over night at least. When ready to cut, the sides of the mold away from the soap slowly and carefully remove. Cut bars 1 inches thick.  There you have it. You made your own customized soap without having to work with the lye. Store in a cool place. 

Oat & Honey Goat Milk Soap

Exfoliating Coffee Goat Milk Soap



  1. What a great idea!! Now you need to find a way to sell it, so you can start making money from this potential new venture. Maybe there is a shop in your town that will sell it for you. Wishing you all good luck with this!!!

    ps: my hubby makes our soap too!!!

    1. I am re-evaluating a lot of things I am putting energy into and am finding that making soap makes sense. I find real joy in it, I make it myself while allowing myself to be creative with a purpose and it is something that even if people don't buy it, it will still be used. I am gauging my target audience and while I am going to make more soap, I am not going to fully invest into branding and such till I have a better feel for whether people will want it or not. I also want to try out one or two other bases so I know if I should commit to only Goats Milk or explore other kinds. If I include Goat in the brand I am stuck only producing Goat's Milk soap.

  2. Gosh. You had me at “goat milk”! When I feel like this, I knit. Everyone I know has new mittens!

    1. I really need to feel the desire to finish a blanket I started in December. I think I only started knitting to cope and distract my brain during some hard days with my son in the ICU. Now that he is far away in a Children's TBI rehab, I need to be doing something, like making soap, that requires all of me to be distracted and busy.

  3. Wow, it has never occurred to me to make soap. It looks interesting.. think I should try..

  4. I like the being creative to deal with stress technique too. That is why I blogged! The soap looks great.


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