How to Start Cutting Costs in the Most Frugal Ways

If you hadn't noticed recently I have been leaning more towards posts filled with tips, a look at my life, or ways to help you change your life or learn something new. Somewhere along the way I for got that I am  a survivalist and that is what I need all my energy for. If you look back over all my post you see the theme staring right back at you. For example, I share with you how to protect your harden because I learned through trial and error. When I shared things that parents of medically complex kids want you to know the word SURVIVING should have been plastered all over that. The easy meals are rather cheap and resourceful, and the soap making could be your next financial gaining trade.

Start off with a Small Change

You don't have to sell your car and reuse the pasta water to take a bath. I'm not on that level of life nor will I ever be. I only use my pasta water to thicken sauces. Plus I am far too out of shape to ever walk or bike everywhere. It can be as easy as the infamous bring your own coffee and stop buying it on the ride. Bring your lunch don't buy. Cook dinner, don't order take out, shut the water off when not using it, line dry your clothes and a whole lot of other small changes that add up to big cost cutting. 

I am not a math person, or one to post statistics or break them down in my head easily. What I will do is give you one example with the most basic breakdown and result. The coffee. From my own experience buying the cheapest K-Cups I have ever loved at Trader Joe's called Electric Buzz for $4.99, I was already doing something big by spending $2-$3 less per box! Then lets go a step further. I wish I could say I stick to this but I don't. I will give you all the excuses is the world while I am at it but if I wasn't bouncing from hospital to hospital and here and there all day every day then I would be much more consistent with bringing a to-go cup and not stopping at the drive thru every time I am going somewhere near the place that makes my coffee right. So what we know is that the k-cups I buy equal .42 a cup, my 48 oz bottle of DD extra extra breaks down to .11 cents per cup I make. The medium 8&8 coffee I get while out costs anywhere from $2.22-$2.42. My cup from home costs me .77 cents! And save those coffee grounds for the garden! 
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Another small but big change I made that one might over look was replacing dryer sheets with wool dryer balls. Over time I have made many changes to our laundry routine that have cut costs dramatically but I still have one more change to make. So far washing everything on cold unless someone is sick, has been a huge game changer with the gas bill. Making sure loads are full, and washing at night has been useful and the kids even know when washing something to ask everyone if they need to add anything to make sure it is full. Also, hang drying heavier thicker items like mats in over the shower rod makes a difference. I was spending at least $7 a month on dryer sheets. Ridiculous!

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One dripping faucet left unfixed, was costing us almost $30 a month/ $90 for the billing quarter on our water bill- and it was literally only a cheap little washer needing replacement. That went on for months so you can imagine how much I was kicking myself.  

All these things really add up. I could cover a dozen more areas but for now let all this sink in and continue to follow along and learn so much more. Check my next blog for how to make your own 5 gallons of homemade laundry soap for less than $8. At 1/2 cup a full load thats 160 loads of laundry! 


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