7 Event Planning Cost Cutting Tips

There are so many people that just love planning and hosting events year round whether it be a little Halloween get together for the kids, or a elegant wedding on the beach. That takes some serious skill and most importantly, money. Depending on the event the price tag may be a hefty one. However, that does not always have to be the case. 

If you love planning events or wish you could afford to put together more events, these 7 tips are for you! 

7 Ways to Cut Costs When Planning an Event

  1. For family centered events on a tight budget, utilize your family member's skills. If Cousin Janet is in her 2nd year of Culinary school then get her on board to help make all or some of the food. If your Aunt is the baker of the family well there is your dessert person. know someone who nails every DIY on Pinterest? If so find a inexpensive party favor DIY suited to your theme or event. Keep in mind not all DIY projects are cheaper than buying the finished product from somewhere. Same goes for other events like planning and hosting a Halloween Party for the kids and their friends. Their parents will obviously be coming trick or treating with them so just like at school, send out a google form signup sheet for treats, divide up costs of the pizza or everyone brings appetizers/finger foods.                                                                                                                                                                                              Check out KIMSPIRED DIY blog for several DIYs to make and save with.                                         
  2. Many things can serve as more than one purpose. For example, a Citronella candle in a patriotic pail can serve as the bug repellent and as table decor. Consider this for all table items. Ask yourself how can I make this work as decor? Repurpose items for holding sauces, toppings  and condiments like mason jars or Coffee mate Creamer bottles with the label removed. Use your wooden cutting board for a rustic cheese board. cut and serve on the board. For a very casual
    back yard cook out use the cardboard caddy the beer came in to hold utensils, cups, napkins and seasonings. 

  3. For Easter Day events consider trying some of these money savers. Skip the traditional baskets and utilize a small tote or bin that can be reused all year round by the child to hold and organize items in their room. Save the plastic eggs to reuse the following year. One dessert such as a bunny, cross or lamb cake is plenty if you did a candy filled egg hunt. if having a Easter Brunch at a restaurant, ask the manager about group/event rates in addition to the per person fixed price.                                                                                                                                                             Check out Homan at Home for her Bunny Cut up Cake                                                            (its not a literally cut up bunny. Just look its pieced together cake!) 
  4.   For a big time money saver, shop in bulk from wholesale clubs even online. Chances are for a large event in store shopping would require a caravan of cart pushers and loads of room in the vehicles. Compare prices with your wholesale club and sites like Amazon because you can often find bulk items for far less on Amazon. This also applies to alcoholic beverages. Check with local large discount liquor stores in the area of the event for store to venue delivery. Be sure to check liquor laws for the venue when supplying your own alcohol. Some halls do not allow anything other than wine and beer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  5. Save on invitations, especially for a wedding by sticking to a digitally designed and emailed invitation including a "save the date" designed email. With modern technology many free programs have templates ready for you to put names, dates, addresses, email addresses and hit send for free!                                                                                                                                                             Evite                                                                                 The Spruce                                                                       Canva                                                                             Rsvpify                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  6. If you are looking to have some form of entertainment, speakers on specific topics, or a variety of showcases, save on cost by looking at those in college or fresh out of college, new to the working world, someone looking for exposure. Future entrepreneurs, musicians. and others that fit the theme of your event may be a lot less costly when you think outside the box. For example if you are in charge of planning a career fair event you may want to reach out to the new local mom and pop places who would love free advertising, college students who are interns in their field of choice, and branches of the military are always a perfect invite.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  7. Avoid using venues that require you to use their vendors. Explore uncommon options like College campus halls, local gardens during the slower season, family owned barns, or public parks. Being locked in with a venue's vendors will cost you much more than it should. Find a place suited for your event such as a wedding and utilize your connections like I have mentioned in many of these tips. Use who you know and if you don't know anyone, find them, meet them, secure their services at less than vendor costs. Ask the family member or friend that is always snapping pics with their $8,000 camera for fun to gift their services to the couple. You will really luck out if you have a DJ in the family or a seamstress! 


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