7 Affordable Products on Amazon That Make Mom Life Better

Mom life paints a different picture for every mother out there. Whether you are blessed with healthy, happy children, ecentric messy screaming wild ones, or the mom to a medical warrior, life as a mom gets stressful, overwhelming, and exhausting. Here you will find products to make each day a little more enjoyable, less stress (even just a little), and make home life a bit easier on you.

7. White Noise Machine | Sleep Therapy HoMedics
Not only does this provide relaxation and promote sleep for babies and children, use it for when its your turn to nap or just want some time alone and drown out the noise of the house.

6. Aztec Secret- Indian Healing Clay | 100% Natural Bentonite Clay      
Treat your face to this at home spa treatment for a traction of the cost of a spa package. Let the earth spoil you!

5. Body Glide for Her
 Prevent chafe with this vitamin packed 1.5oz stick. Apply before running, work out, wearing heels, sandals to prevent blisters. Vegan approved no harsh chemicals, safe for clothing. 

6. Snarky Tea 
Enjoy tea thats purpose is always bluntly said. 
Try their other teas such as, "Wake the F*ck Up", "Get your A** to Bed" and more. 

5. Fire T.V. Stick | Alexa Voice Remote
Cut the cable already and use the money you save to buy something for you..from this list. Watch Live TV on Hulu Live with the Fire Stick, or enjoy Amazon Music and have yourself a dance party with Alexa. 

4. Girl Wash Your Face
If you have not read this must read book yet, then you aren't on the path to being the you that you were meant to be. 

3. Instant Pot
This has made my day, my entire life so much easier while still letting me get creative with dinner! If you are on the fence, rest assured there are countless social media groups, books, blogs (mine included) out there to help you. Once you start you will likely become hooked. Best part is the 6qt Duo 7 in 1 is ON SALE now! 

2. Build Life 1 Gallon Water Bottle
If you are trying to drink more water this bottle is a giant pep talk by your side through the day. Hourly goals right on the bottle to pace you and keep you on track. 
(*Disclaimer-Always check with a professional regarding how much water you should be consuming)

1. Hot Therapy Neck Pillow with Herbal Spray
This microwavable pillow relieves the tension and neck/shoulder pains with ease. Use for multiple areas as needed.