4 Ways to Protect Your Vegetable Garden From Insects and Disease

No one likes to tend to their garden and find insects or disease destroying your hard work and food. There are several ways to prevent or deal with these issues in a completely natural way. Follow along to learn a few ways and check out some additional sites to further arm you this season.

How to Keep Your Garden Healthy

1. Plant Marigolds and Mint in and around your garden. 
Marigolds have been known to repel garden destroying pests such as whiteflies and pesky nematodes. They also attract the good insects such as ladybugs. You can also find Ladybugs for purchase at local nurseries and farms sometimes. Mint plants repel fleas and mosquitos to name a few. Be careful where you plant because mint plants tend to grow fast and can become invasive so give plenty of room or keep in pots. 

2. Water in the morning.
    Easier said than done, I know! Watering in the morning has multiple benefits. Not only will your plants be well hydrated once the heat of the day hits, but going into the night with dry leaves and not too damp soil prevents various disease such as fungal diseases. 

3.Fill the planting hole of tomato and pepper transfers with crushed eggshells
   If your eggshells don't make it to the compost pile, crush and           place a scoop of the crushed shells into the soil before                    transferring potted plants to ground.  (Be sure to prep your shells     in the oven)

4. Make your own oil soap spray
If you flip up a tomato leaf you might notice some nasty little mites taking over along with other plant munching insects enjoying other plants.  You can make your own spray to treat or prevent infestation. Mix 2 teaspoons of Neem Oil with 1 teaspoon of mild soap such as castille with 1 quart of water. Shake till well mixed. Apply to plants preferably in the morning or at least avoid day time direct sunlight. Neem oil or powder form can also be used in a different manner as a fungacide. Learn more by reading this article from Safe Brands
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  1. These are such great tips! I don't have a green thumb and can barely keep a succulent alive, but I am determined to have a successful garden at some point!

    1. Thank You! I am far from claiming a Green Thumb but have learned a thing or two by trial and error over the years. Ironically I keep chili peppers thriving better than an indoor little cactus! Are you working with a small area or limited space for a garden? I have a very small area and will have to get even more creative this year now that we have a chicken coop!


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