The Do's and Don'ts of Easter Baskets

After 17 years I have finally come to my senses over Christmas gifting for my kids and now the dwindling need to fill Easter baskets with the most ridiculous things. I think back to how psychotic I would get about loading the baskets with candy and coloring 3 dozen eggs and regretting that weeks later. With my girls into their teens and oldest headed to college and Mason not only Gtube dependent and physically impaired at rehab, my days of easter egg hunts and loading candy into eggs perfectly even are coming to an end. It is kinda of sad if you think about it. Since I have lived my precious time preparing childrens baskets, I will share with you what I wish I never did and what I did that wasn't so bad.

The Do Not's with Easter Baskets

Do Not....

  • Put unpackaged, or any peeps in your kids basket. Those sticky sugar bunnies are gross. While many will disagree I know there are moms out there tired of finding blown up peep in their microwave. Even more tired of a 5 year old jacked up on pure sugar by 8am Easter Morning and running the aisles of Church screaming "I want more candy!!!!".  
  • Hide the basket. I don't understand the mentality behind this. I mean it is bad enough we expect our children to believe a rabbit either 6ft tall with terrifying eyes or 3lb little hopping thing brings these baskets into every house and hides eggs. Its really a snowball lie because if you don't dye eggs with your kid they are even more confused.."Do bunnies lay eggs now or do certain chickens lay neon glitter eggs?" Also how did this bunny open my fridge and reach that high shelf? Why add to the lie? Life is confusing enough.                                                                                                                                                    

  • Give a gift that cost as much as your mortgage. I don't get the reasoning behind an iphone XR whatever the new one is coming from a bunny. 
  • Don't feel you need to dump candy in the basket and fill eggs AND put candy in random dishes throughout the house. Are you celebrating Easter or trying to buy your family dentist another yacht?
  • Skip the fake grass. There is no reason to make yourself suffer months later when your vacuum head is not spinning because its tied up like a BTK victim with Easter grass. (Serial Killers are kinda my thing so hence the reference)


  • Recognize the age change. What little Susie got in her basket at 5, isn't what you are gonna put at 12. Upgrade the Barbie to some cute pastel nail polish. 
  • A chocolate bunny and some Jelly Beans is plenty for the sugar fest. Okay throw a Cadbury Creme egg in if they were good that year. 
  • Think seasonal for every age! Put something in the basket that is going to get your kid outdoors at some point. Get younger ones their own gardening tools to help mommy or daddy in the garden. For toddlers their own push mower ( a Toy one- yes I have to actually say that!) Sidewalk chalk is still cool and for the athlete give new gear, apparel or water bottle. 
  • USe the fluffy stuff versus plastic or paper grass. You will thank me.                                                                    
  • Wrap it with cellophane or put the baskets up if you have dogs or pets so they don't get into the candy or stuffed animal
  • Do be realistic. Dye the eggs with your kid. Leave them on the counter or table till they are in bed. 
  • Consider individually wrapped goodies and candy versus unwrapped free for all in the basket.  
Customize a basket from our Spring Guide as shown below. 
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