Instant Pot Challenge: Recipes to Ease Your Fears

I am often hearing people saying they have owned an Instant Pot for weeks, months even and still nervous about using it. I was intimidated my first time too. Then we were best friends. I want to help you get over that fear and speculation. I have made some very easy dishes in my IP and some a little more intricate but still very easy if looking at the bigger picture. The first thing I ever cooked in my 8qt LUX was ribs! I won't start you off on that one because I know many are thinking that is just plain nuts right there! I have to warn you, my recipes are not hardcore by the book measurements. I play around with ingredients and don't pay much detail to measuring cups and spoons. All newbies MUST read the manual and preform the water test! This may be the only manual I read all year because I too thought this machine would blow up! Lets start you off with some comfort food!


This is a two part meal. 

Instant Pot Mac n Cheese

  • 16oz. Elbow Macaroni
  • 1 Stick of Butter (Salted or Unsalted no big deal)
  • 1 Pint of Heavy Whipping Cream (You might not use it all ) OR 1 Can of Evaporated Milk
  • 10 Slices of Land O'Lakes Deli Sliced American Cheese
  • 8oz. Shredded White Cheddar (it can be bagged!)
  • 1 Tsp. Ground Mustard 
  • Salt 
  • 2-3 Cups of water (enough to just cover the pasta)
Time to Use that Instant Pot! 
Depending on your Model, you will press Manual (LUX Models) or Pressure Cook Button on all other models. I made this one in my 6qt Duo but any model works! *If you use the Evaporated Milk, use the whole 8oz can. It will be creamy!

                                             Dump the whole box of elbows into your pot. 

                                             Drop the stick of butter on top of the elbows. 
                                             Pour the water in just enough to cover your elbows. 
                                             Depending on your size pot this will be anywhere 
                                             from 2-3 cups of cool water. 
                                             Place the lid on and set to seal. Turn on the pot and press Manual                                               for LUX, and Pressure Cook for other models. Set for 4 mins!

 Once it beeps done, move the venting valve to vent. Make sure it is not under a cabinet, or on  stove top. That should be common sense but you'd be surprised how many people accidentally turn their stove top on and say good bye to their IP. Once the pin drops you can go ahead and open your pot. I promise any moisture left will evaporate and is normal. the key is to IMMEDIATELY stir the elbows with a wooden spoon so it evens out,

No straining! 
Begin immediatly stirring in the Heavy Whipping Creaming slowly. Once you pour about half a pint, tear the American Cheese into small pieces stirring after every few pieces. Continue till all the deli cheese is in the pot. 
Slowly continue adding more cream. Sprinkle in a dash or two of ground mustard. Slowly beging stirring in the Shredded White Cheddar.

 Despite what some say, the cornstarch coating most bagged cheese has doesn't interfere with the creamy cheesiness. After half a bag has been stirred in turn on the Saute feature on the pot. Now you will need to work a little faster and get the cheese all in and as much HWC you deem right. For me its about 3/4 of a pint or the whole can of evaporated milk if that's what you chose. Turn off the pot as it will stay hot now. Continue stirring till your desired cheesiness has been acheezed. See what I did there?  There ya go! Creamy, not gritty, fast Mac n Cheese made with real ingredients!
Serve immediately and enjoy!

Check back for the second part, Instant Pot Southern Green Beans and Potatoes