How To Make a Simple Dinner When Tired

Dinner Time Made Simple... 

                                                                       .....however you choose to feed your body. 
With a household of 7 (okay exclude my Gtube dependent son)...6, a challenge I know that will come my way any day of the week is dinner. What will it be, when will it be and will they all revolt? In my home it is you eat what I make. The various struggles of my life mixed with being brought up by woman who cooked and got creative when need be led to me being a self declared mastermind of the kitchen. You certainly wouldn't see me qualifying as a chef at your local dinner or pizza spot, but in my home I am the chef of all chefs. I guess all I am saying is that I can throw any meal together in a pinch when called for. Charlie often walks in the kitchen and asks, "Is this one of your just throw it together meals?" To which I reply, "Get out of the kitchen!" Truth be told yes I don't follow many recipes. Basic recipes are stored in my brain based on how I remember them tasting when I first liked them. I also do my darndest to replicate something I have eaten elsewhere. I almost have the hospital meatloaf down to a T! It was turkey all along... Anyhoot! For the sake of time, I will share my latest "It's 7 already I should probably make dinner!" I will make this real simple for you.

                                      Dump about a couple dozen brussel sprouts on a cutting board. Chop the stems off, then slice them in half top to bottom. Toss onto a foil lined cookie sheet ...oh crap pre-heat your oven to 425 F....Drizzle the sprouts with any kind of Olive Oil you want. Next unbury the bag of carrots from the fridge you keep forgetting about. Peel them, no need to be perfect. Cut on an angle to add some fanciness to them, about 2-3 pieces from 1 carrot. Unless they are carrots on steroids (not judging its your body) then cut 2 inch length fancy chunks. Toss on the cookie sheet. Now grab any potatoes you have that aren't looking back at you and cut them into bite size pieces. Dump into a bowl, pour a bit of olive oil over them, shake some garlic and onion powder and parsley (its okay if you have fresh parsley, fancy it up!) Dump that onto cookie sheet. It's so pretty right? When the oven is pre-heated, put it in. Those will take about 30mins or maybe more I am not sure just watch them. We aren't rabbits and I think rice is boring most of the time so toss some olive oil in a skillet and carefully plop some boneless skinless chicken in. Brown the chicken, make sure its white inside (160F) then drizzle anything on it for flavor. I was lucky and had a balsamic glaze on hand. You can pour BBQ sauce, some lemon and butter, or really whatever is on hand. There you're done mama!