Hope Brings Progress

As the days passed after Mason's Respiratory Failure Induced Cardiac Arrest occurred, we saw so many changes that broke our hearts. We experienced loss. The only constant phrase used by medical professionals, therapists and others was, "We hope...". It is still the basis for everything. Time is what will show what Mason is capable of. That has been the constant since birth. He has stuck to that challenge and always showed us what a fighter he is. When we made the heartbreaking decision to transfer him to a rehab for TBI recovery, we held on to that hope. Last night's visit reminded us to keep strong because Mason is shining through and little victories are huge victories.

Mason Started School

This is huge! Just weeks ago he was inconsolable, remaining in his hospital bed aside from a short walk in his chair through the ICU. Now we arrived last night and told he is loving school! His nurse and therapist are so amazed by his changes this week. While its not his first day of kindergarten, hearing the words, "Mason had a great first day at school.." brought some tears because as his mom I feel sadness that I am not there to see those moments, those milestones, those memories. It also brought an immense sense of happiness and relief. He is on his journey and experiencing things we had hope for.

Not only is attending the toddler preschool room huge news, his over all therapy is going wonderful! He is trying to push through and come back and it is showing! It's like little fireworks are going off in his brain and magical things are in the works!

He knows we are right by his side...