30 Days of Organizing with 31: Day 2

Organizing Your Home and Life with Small Daily Tasks

Wallet & Purse

If you are like me and love big slouchy bags, things can get way out of hand disastrous if you don't stop yourself. Things get tossed in because of convenience and you never know when you might need that receipt, right? Well if you love the pattern of your bag or wallet chances are you can simply organize that mess into accessories that coordinate! 

Starting is the hardest part. Follow these tips in any order you choose and before you know it you'll be less cluttered, and less weight on the arm. 

Dump the bag and let the treasure hunt begin!
Sort of paper into receipts, garbage, random business cards, and things you need on you
Use a Mini Zipper Pouch to store hand lotions, snacks, chapsticks, odds and ends. For larger bags use a Swap it to keep big and small altogether
Set change aside to save but keep some for your change purse. If your wallet doesn't have one I would highly suggest changing over to a Perfect Cents Wallet or the popular All ABout the Benjamins wallet which serves many purposes your current one likely isn't
Clear out wallet of all cards, papers, change, everything. Now prioritize. List 5 things that you absolutely have to carry in your wallet at all times. Throw out old used gift cards, membership cards that expired or you have not used in over a year. Do you need to carry more than the average person? I know I do. If one more doctor hands me a card I am going to need to start storing them digitally. But what if technology fails? Eeek!
Remember that change? Add $2 in Quarters, and .50 in dimes and 3 pennies. Average vending machine or basic coffee or parking meter money.
Add the essentials back knowing that with the All ABout the Benjamins Wallet you will always have room to store those travel and business receipts or like me a few months or hospital expenses and still have room for all those benjamins! Don't forget the matching wristlet! 

                                          NEW! Mini Zipper Pouches


               Perfect Cents Wallet!