10 Ways of Self Care You Won't Read Elsewhere

We as parents hear it often and if you've walked in my shoes you probably have someone following you around with a megaphone in your ear screaming to practice self care! You are likely muttering, "I know!" under your breath at them. Selfcare isn't just about getting your nails done, or changing up your hairstyle, or taking a bubble bath. Those are the basic self care go to ideas that quite frankly do nothing for me. No two people need the exact same care to thrive and do their best. I personally do my best with coffee in the morning while Karen over there claims she just can't start her day without a 5 mile run. Clearly Karen likes to be gross and sweaty. You can be Karen if you want, no judgement here, but incase running isn't your thing, here are 10 ways to care about yourself and some of them are creative and unique. I am just going to blow the roof off this self care craze.

  1. Cry. Yes crying is actually self care. Expressing your emotions is quite amazing and giving yourself permission to let those flood gates open is giving yourself an outlet and a recharge.                                                                                                                                                                    
  2. Write About Anything. Our brains over time become overloaded with immense details about everything in life. At some point you have to toss out the stuff that doesn't have to occupy your brain around the clock. Yes, me writing about self care, is practicing self care.                                                       
  3. Garden. Inside or outside doesnt matter. When times were stressful last summer, I found myself tip toeing around squash and tomato plants while tearing every weed out I could see and spraying every leaf spot on the squash with antifungals, removing caterpillars from the paresely after a stern talking to, and brainstorming ways to fit more plants in my overly small overly crowded yard, The best self care I have done for me is when I fully shift my focus onto something else even if I don't stick with it, at least while obsessed with this new thing my body is expelling some stress and negative energy.                                                                                                                                                             
                                                  Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash                                                          
  4. Watch Something Funny. I really commit to this! Whenever I am feeling like I have no control over anything happening to me I resort to binge watching The Office. Despite having watched every episode hundreds of times, I keep it on the TV as background distraction and a good laugh when needed. If The Office isn't your thing (do people like that even exist?) then here is a good one, Check out Grown Up Caillou videos on youtube and then find Grown Up Dora. Both are a bit TV-MA but laughter really can be the best medicine.                                                                                     
  5. Drink That Coffee First. Those who like that first morning cup of coffee it is okay to tell everyone and everything to hold up a minute, I need my coffee! It's not necessarily that you are dependent ont he caffeine, it is more like this is my routine, my thing let me start the day by putting me first. Unless your house is burning down. You should probably just wait on the coffee then.             
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash
  6. Eat. There is a reason Mac n Cheese is called comfort food. It is okay to stop at the drive thru on the way home from your errands and eat alone without feeling so obligated to give up your fries. Those extra good snacks you have after the kids go to bed obviously mean something to you, otherwise you wouldn't be hiding them like the Holy Grail. I personally ate one of those Go-Paks of mini Oreos and a undisclosed amount of Fritos last night. The Twix survived but there are no guarantee they will later. Check out 73 Comfort Food Recipes Cozier Than Your Favorite Pair Of Sweatpants                                                           
  7. Watch a Pregnant Animal. I don't know if this really falls under Self Care or Coping Skills. Maybe I just want to reveal my secret obsession over this giraffe being "due any minute now" craze 2.0. Things got out of hand when she was pregnant with Taj (yeah I am on THAT level- first name basis). I resorted to watching day and night, sleeping with the lap top or youtube on the tv on, signing up for a text alert if hooves popped out and finally screaming to wake my whole house up at 7am to watch a giraffe give birth. I'm so much more low key this time. For example, I have only checked on her two times while writing this...paragraph. Also, I refuse to sign up for the text alert. It's okay if I miss the live thing. Maybe this should be titled "Allow Yourself to Become Obsessed with Something". Maybe watching a Bald Eagle web cam makes you feel good or kitten cams.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  8. Go to the Movies Alone. Even if it is a horror movie. Seriously though some of the best self care feelings for me have come from me going to the movies in the middle of the day and not even telling anyone! A lot of times I am the only one there and it is like my own personal viewing. Sit smack bad in the middle 3/4 of the way up.                                                                                                                       
                                                      Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash                                                                                                                                                            
  9. Drink Fancy Water. I told you these would be interesting and unique. I know I don't drink anywhere near the amount of water I am suppose to. I think my cat drinks way more than I do. When I do bring myself to drink water I feel more likely to drink it if its in a fancy glass bottle and claims to have been imported from some secret stream in Peru or Italy, I don't know it could say Mars. Be prepared for your kids to ask for a $5 bottle of water too though and you will need to say, "We pay for water already to come from the faucet!" If you cave it takes away from the specialness you gave yourself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  10. Blast the Music and Sing. I can't stress enough how good this can make you feel when you don't care about the other drivers watching you belt out a one hit wonder like a pro. It can be such an amazing destressor and a moment to yourself that you fully embrace. It may just be that time alone you need and not necessarily the music. We spend so much time transporting kids here and there that being alone in the car is something to be cherished.