Winter Break Messes up Your Life

As if my ability to know the day of the week wasn't hard enough, the school throws in ANOTHER vacation from school! Incase the schools haven't heard this enough, my kids don't need the break, I do though! The only Pro: Air the viruses and vomit germs out of the building. That doesn't bother me though since I spend our days in the pedi ICU surrounded by every virus and infection out there. Did I mention how heart breaking it is? 

So what happens when you place 4 out of 5 kids home on a Friday then don't send them back till Tuesday? Chaos! I somehow think working my business, going to the grocery store, deciding when I will switch with dad and go to the hospital and make dinner is a great plan! Once I step into the hospital all bets are off. I can't start any projects, I can't carry a conversation, I can't think of anything other than, " Why are your numbers so crazy? Please let me stretch your legs, wow you've really gained weight, maybe we need to adjust meds... when the hell will a rehab bed open up? Oh look you need suction again for the 100th time this hour but I am sure all is fine...yeah right..what is brewing in there? ....okay stop complaining Kelly, your kid is miraculously alive by the grace of God (Yes God not doctors or science because it was I and Dad who did the chest compression like something took over our bodys and got our little boys heart back) and the code cart isn't outside your door this time.." 
Yet here it is..errr Saturday..? And I am in sweats, in a blanket on the couch telling my kids to get ready to go shopping yet I'm so amazing I will jump up and be ready in 30 seconds. And every 5 mins or so I will pull a Dory and shout to deaf ears, Don't forget to bring the totes to the van! I would love to tell you that I know exactly what I am making for dinner but that would be a huge lie. I will show you what I am leaning towards. Credits to Hello Fresh Cauliflower Mac n Cheese for making me love this dish and be able to actually make it when I have the time to shop. 

They are a life saver during the worst chaotic days though! 
Oh and one kid has a birthday party to attend...time for last minute gift pick up! Tip: A Little Carrys All filled with candy and nail polish works as a great quick present!