When Totes Make Your Day

Where is the last place you feel like going on the weekend? The grocery store! While I say this with the utmost gratitude that I have the luxury to go to the store and purchase food, it really can be a dreadful task. Grocery stores, big and small are forever changing things around. Less registers, more what I like to call, "Do your own scan and bagging while Karen gets a paycheck to stand around complaining to her co workers about her boyfriend" aisle AKA Self Check Out. I always had a love hate relationship with these lanes. On one hand you don't have to deal with your cashier double scanning something while they are day-dreaming about their future wedding with the cashier in the next lane. Meanwhile your stuffs quickly pilling up breads being crushed, a random kids now climbing on to the belt, and you're certain bagging should be an official competitive sport. Who can bag their meat before the juice bottle smashes the bread? I would be disqualified. Then again I always felt so rushed to scan, bag, scan, bag before the computer aggressively announces to all near-by customers that there are too many items, please bag some before scanning more! Once again, thanks Karen! I do love buying a ton of junk food in privacy so that's a plus. Worst case scenario 8/10 times your bag splits and then you are in a parking lot throwing your back out while trying to gather your groceries before someone runs them or you over.
So that's the problem right? Its overwhelming! Here is the SOLUTION!

Essential Storage Tote and Fresh Market Thermal Tote


Well look at that! Everything scanned and bagged! Frozen and cold foods in the Fresh Market Thermal and everything else nicely uncrushed in just 3 Essential Storage Totes! How does your shopping trip look?