The Next Part of Our Journey

Mason Settles into Rehab

On Wednesday we packed up Mason's ICU room and awaited transport to bring our little boy to where the real work would begin. Rehab. All the way in New York. I could not bring myself to ride in the ambulance with him. Mason was very tired and slept through the whole process. With his eyes shut not moving one bit, the images of his last ambulance ride flooded my brain. Though I knew he was stable on the stretcher and this was a different kind of transport, the images were too real still. I stayed the first night settling him in. Charlie said good bye and I instantly felt incredibly alone. This was all so new. A very new part of our journey was beginning. One by one new doctors, nurses, therapists made their introductions and assessments
. So much more for my brain to absorb. While overwhelming as the first 48 hours were, it was exactly what Mason needs. Intense evaluations and the start of therapy. Bathing him was even a whole new process but a good one. In the first 24 hours his medical stroller was already adjusted thoroughly to meet his new needs and medication adjustments to make him less drowsy were in the works. Even his blood draws that previously required trauma crews to draw were super fast and less traumatic. Over all Mason seems to be settling into rehab well. Now we follow his clock and learn.