Self Care My Way

As mom you hear often how important self care is. As a mom to a child with serious medical complications we hear it a billion times a week. We all nod and say, "Yes, I know I know..I'm trying.."

I however push so close to that line of feeling insane that the smallest thing is self care to me. I will share with you my go to self care. Coffee. Down pillows. A throw. A hoodie. Reheated Mac n Cheese while binge watching The Office. All I am gonna say is if Steve Carrel doesn't spark fireworks of Joy in your life than Don't subscribe to this blog. I don't need that kind of negativity in my life. I am guilty of making it a ritual that when returning from Boston Children's, when weather permits, we stop at Marsh Hill General Store owned by only the greatest of the greats! One Day I hope he pops in! Here's some self care Best Inspirational Quotes from Michael Scott