Not Always a Bag Lady

This may come as a shock but when I'm not at the hospital, or preaching about bags and totes and promising my kids the house won't be buried in stacks of pink boxes..I love to cook! And yes I am one of those psychos with 2 Instant Pots.  My name is Kelly and I had a problem with Instant Pots. In my defense, I don't believe EVERYTHING your grandma cooked should be made in the pot, but I am guilty of a few batches of yogurt. Maybe my Instant pot addiction should be saved for another post...
Actual veggies cooked stove top. Those led to a fantastic vegetable lasagna with a overload of riccota. The next night was Beef Stroganoff loaded with mushrooms. We called it, The Week of Mushrooms. Now that I read that output I realize that sounds like the blog entry of a 1970s music festival experience. I can assure you these were purchased in my local market. Tonight was Basil Pesto with Chicken and Penne. I forgot to buy the light cream so it doesnt deserve additional attention.  
Fun Fact: I hated mushrooms till 2 years ago