Almost 4 years ago, on May 18th, life for me, for my family changed more than anyone could imagine. My son was born with such rare medical conditions that the first of many codes in my arms happened at 2 days old. Fast forward through years of being in a coma, on a ventilator, being trached, dozens of surgeries and amazing progress. Then a major set back December 17th, 2018 when his heart stopped and his dad and I did chest compressions till our little boy came back to us. Through the years I could not work and now back in the icu and rehab ahead I still won't be able to tend to a typical out of the house career. I had dreams and goals and they are gone. I was never one to jump into the at home work unless it was some form of executive aadmistrative work I could juggle. Which I did for a while till complications in a surgery. I accepted that my drive and motivation and creativity would have to be utilized in a different employment with the most flexibility possible and stress free because lets be honest my plate had no room for that. My best friend running a busy popular at home day care kept telling me about how well she was doing as a Consultant for Thirty One Gifts. She didn't surprise me because when she wants something she gets it and if she wanted extra income, she'd get it. And she did just that. I realized there was literally no reason why I couldn't host a party on Facebook and see what it was all about. After all, I was helping her out without spending a dime. With very little work on my end, 5 days later I suddenly was looking at a $300 party! Well that settled it- I enrolled. I saw the income on average made and figured that's better than nothing! 25% commission paid twice a month? Count me in! You'd be surprised how easy it is to set up a party while waiting for your child in a 13 hour cardiac thoracic surgery far from home. Every co sultan has a WHY. Some are for the 40% products because they Buy so much to begin with they want to save. Others are paying their car payment , a gas bill, extra funds towards vacation savings. Psss... you can just earn your vacation right from Thirty One! And then there are consultants like myself that are doing everything they can to keep extra income in when faced with constant strains out of their control. When I'm sitting hospital bed side watching my why sleep, I'm doing whatever I need to do so everyone I know has the same opportunity for extra income, free items or some bag they must have! Another term for this is called, "juggling". 
So what would be your why? If you sat down today and needed to supplement your income, what would be the driving force to reach your personal goals? What would push you forward when hearing the word, No?