Life's Traumatic Changes

Wednesday we transition our little boy from the icu to a rehab hospital out of state in NY so he can receive specific care for his brain injury he endured after his cardiac arrest right before Christmas. He has been on the wait list for a long time. I am so happy he will begin this new journey and get the best care possible, but we are sad. He will be so far away and for financial reasons we can't stay with him as it will likely be months. It has been almost 4 years of heart break and progress then more sudden devastation. Today we learned he may have lost vision, how much we don't know. It's hard as a parent to release your child into the care of strangers especially when your child suffers a brain injury and isn't the same child you knew 3 months ago. The images of doing chest compressions on our own child will never go away. It's hard to not fear more sudden devastation happening and being so far away. This is not what any parent should face. The stress on our family has been crushing. The fear. The pain. The grief.
Please view and share our GoFundMe and read some of Mason's journey these past few years. Team Mason Angels