Beach Life When You are Busy

This will sound crazy but I am beyond qualified to give advice on this. Being a mom to a medically complex little one doesn't give you as many leisure days as you'd like.
 Summer is coming and for many that means a chunk of your day, or for the more fortunate entire summer on the beach! I have 2 houses between me and the beach. Hi Long Island I see you from my dining room table! Would you believe how little time I have spent at the beach though? I literally live here! My town covers more of the shoreline than any other town in my state! On the rare occasion we have had a full blown day at the beach, the most crucial piece of keeping me sane and it a pleasant experience has been (no not a stealth alcohol container!) my beach cart, but most importantly my bags and totes to carry 5 kids and 2 adults worth of gear! I'm going to simplify this for you and it will look pretty and make you scream for warm day! 

Summer Happens starting March 1st.. Send me a message for your perfect summer bundle! Find it all at The Modern Bag Lady Shop