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7 Event Planning Cost Cutting Tips

There are so many people that just love planning and hosting events year round whether it be a little Halloween get together for the kids, or a elegant wedding on the beach. That takes some serious skill and most importantly, money. Depending on the event the price tag may be a hefty one. However, that does not always have to be the case. 
If you love planning events or wish you could afford to put together more events, these 7 tips are for you! 
7 Ways to Cut Costs When Planning an Event
For family centered events on a tight budget, utilize your family member's skills. If Cousin Janet is in her 2nd year of Culinary school then get her on board to help make all or some of the food. If your Aunt is the baker of the family well there is your dessert person. know someone who nails every DIY on Pinterest? If so find a inexpensive party favor DIY suited to your theme or event. Keep in mind not all DIY projects are cheaper than buying the finished product from somewhere. Same goes for ot…

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